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Hi I was following the build system to include new modules in the executable, hence to run the game using source files. I am wanting to deploy on phone (android).

Now the game works etc on pc, but when i generate an apk or run it through the engine, it crashes. Any help? Thanks

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[modules\libmodules.android.debug.armv7.neon.a] The filename or extension is too long scons: building terminated because of errors.

This is what comes up, when i try build the debug and release system. When i check in the source files...this file doesn't exist...so i dont know whats happening.. Thanks

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The file libmodules.android.debug.armv7.neon.a appears only when you build the godot engine not the project.

If you want to add some custom modules to the engine you should build the export templates. For example in order to build android templates I do these commands:

cd <path to godot engine>
scons platform=android target=release android_stl=yes verbose=yes
cd platform/android/java
./gradlew build

After that I copy godot/bin/android_release.apk to ~/.godot/templates/

And then I export my project with new functionality.

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