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I have a player (KinematicBody) and I trying to move it using move/moveandslide, here is the code:

var speed = 30

player.move(parent.get_global_transform().basis.xform(Vector3(0, 0, -speed * delta)))

And player is moving normal as it should but I need that it can slide on collision so I tried:

player.move_and_slide(parent.get_global_transform().basis.xform(Vector3(0, 0, -speed * delta)))

But this time speed = 30 not enough to move player (speed = 3000 looks ok). Can someone to explain why is that or what I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!

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move_and_slide takes the full velocity as parameter, don't use the "delta" time with it.

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Thank you eons now it works :)

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