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If I want to find a node by its name I usually do get_tree().get_root().find_node(), but it doesn't work for instanced scenes, even if they are placed in the tree in the editor.

Whats the reason behind making it to work like that? I often create new scenes from branches of the main scene and suddenly all code dependent on find_node() stops working because its not a node I'm looking for, but an instanced scene.

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Possibly a bug, you might want to report or ask in the Github issues.

Otherwise you could work around it with something like this (though this returns the first name match it finds):

func _ready():

    var node = find_node_by_name(get_tree().get_root(), "my_node_name")
    if(node): printt(node, node.get_name())

func find_node_by_name(root, name):

    if(root.get_name() == name): return root

    for child in root.get_children():
        if(child.get_name() == name):
            return child

        var found = find_node_by_name(child, name)

        if(found): return found

    return null
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First of all, try to use Remote Inspector to see what scene tree actually is made.
enter image description here

then I guess, you can see the name of instanced node is something like @block@155 like screenshot above.
you should set a specific, non-conflict name to instanced node if you want to find it by find_node
if you set it as same name with another which is already in scene tree and same depth, it will be renamed to something unique.

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só para complementar. Assim que você faria para mudar o nome:

    myInstance = preObj.instance()
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What I do is adding it to a group and use getnodesin_group to call it

for example I have a Player scene. I added it to group "player"

to get player I do

var player = (gettree().getnodesingroup("player"))[0]

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Please try the following and report back if it resolved the issue:

get_tree().get_root().find_node("BlaBla", true, false)

Setting owned to false solved similar problems I had.

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with "owned = false" works, what does this "owned" does?

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