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Hi. I have already designed a game...and recently needed to add ads in game. I have built whole template apks for it..etc..all work is done..the ads work on a separate engine exporting to phone.

I am using this :

Now when i port some of the code in the trigger and show an interstitial or banner....the ads dont show....and worst is that some elements of the game dont work. Like canvas layer (Progress bar), sprites change etc. Any idea what the apks cud be doing ?
I also removed the custom package (debug,release) apks for the game and it runs fine. Only when i direct the custom packages, this problem persists. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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What Godot version are you using? And have you tried to compile the .apk template yourself?

I am using this Godot 2.1.2 stable version, that i downloaded :

No. I used this guy's apk templates he provided for his admob :

When i use my own compiled apks, the game works. But i need these apk templates for the ad...any suggestions?

Some days ago I've tried this module for my android game and it was works perfectly. But since template .apk were too old (10 months...) I preferred to compile myself.


Cool I will try that. Thanks. Use the admob and add it to modules..Then generate my own apks. Thanks.

Hi, I am able to compile templates .apk without anyone's custom modules added to it.

The problem I am having is, to compile apks using a custom module, since the module itself does not get added to apk.


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