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I am trying to create simple top down shooter. Player may look at any direction, and when we shoot, then I want to create new bullet instance and immediately start moving it to the mouse position (position it had when we shot).

I ended up with something like:

func _input(event):
        var target = get_parent().get_global_mouse_pos()
        var start_pos = get_node("bulletSource").get_global_pos()
        var bullet = bulletScene.instance()
        #what next? what to do in bullet code

But I don't know how should I proceed with bullet moving.
Could you help me guys? Thanks in advance :)

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1 Answer

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You need a direction vector for your bullet. A direction vector pointing from point A towards point B can be found via (B - A).normalized(). So in your case you can do this:

bullet.target_direction = (start_pos - target).normalized()

I don't know what your bullet code looks like, but for example if it's a KinematicBody2D, now you can do this:

move(target_direction * speed * delta)

Or if you're using an Area2D:

set_pos(get_pos() + target_direction * speed * delta)
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would you be able to elaborate on the

bullet.target_direction = etc

would you be able to explain what is happening there?

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