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When trying to export a project as apk, I keep getting this erro: no manifest. jar is unsigned.. Why? I set up Godot for exporting apk correctly.
Here is the setup (images):

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things to check:
1. make sure youve created a keystore and remember all oc its user/passwords.
2. download the android template, and extract the contents in the template folder of Godot located in Local Files "%appdata%"
3. make sure uve also put the correct user/pass in the Project Setting for Abdroid
as well as in Export Settings in Export
4. make sure you have the proper versions of Java and SDK manager tools and API

i had this problem before and one of these was the culprit at some point.
Good luck

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Still doesn't work after all these..

You need to add the release key... and create a new one, never publish your passwords.

I just forgot to add in Project > Export... :
Debug User : "androiddebugkey"
Debug Password
: "android".

That was the problem for me, took so long, maybe it's by default but wasn't for me.
Could it help ?

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