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Hi all. I'm currently playing around with the animation editor in Godot 2.1.4. I'm quite curious that after completed 5 animations for an AnimationPlayer, should I save all 5 animations as separate .tres files, or just save the AnimationPlayer as a scene?

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Generally the AnimationPlayer just contains the scene's animations, and you save it along with the scene. You can run into problems if you move the AnimationPlayer around and the track names no longer reflect the node paths correctly. You'd have to go in and manually fix these track names.

Saving off individual animations as resources is for more niche things. Maybe such as copying specific ones to other AnimationPlayer that has the same scene structure. Swapping them in and out using code at runtime, etc. I think you'd only want to do it if you can think of a specific reason why you'd need to do it.

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Thanks for your detailed explanation. I guess saving the whole scene (which contains the AnimationPlayer node) fits my need best.

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