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I have been using Godot Engine for a month, but I observed that with GDscript there are many limitations. I know Python scripting very good and after searching online I saw that Godot somehow offers Python support. The project is on GitHub on this link: . I want to know how to download it, how can I setup it on windows. Does anyone know anything?

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Python support will come with the next 3.0 stable release, I believe. We are probably not too far from that day when we'll finally be able to extend Godot nodes in .py modules. I recommend a little patience. :)

In the alpha version is there any way to get Python working?

If you know python good, GDScript is not very hard to write or read.
You just need to cope with some things not being as nice ("var"), but all in all it is largely the same.
What limitations specifically are you refererring to?

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