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I'm trying to get some ledge detection going on a KinematicBody in which I have a collision ray going to a target.

if wrun == "vert":
    var col_top = ds.intersect_ray(ledgecol,ptarget);
    if !col_top.empty():
        ledge_col = col_top ;
        return ledge_col ;

I want to get the Y position of where the collision hits so that I can check against the player's position, but I can't seem to call on getcontactcollider_pos() or any similar function. Does anybody have any ideas?

ds is called by:

ds = get_world().get_direct_space_state()
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That method is not documented but returns a Dictionary, I guess is the same as the 2D one (which is documented).

The dictionary should be:

{position, normal, shape, metadata, collider_id, collider, rid}

So you may want to do col_top.position.

Docs for Physics2DDirectSpaceState

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I knew the answer was simple to catch! Thanks for the answer!

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