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So, I was reading up on what exactly Game Mode did under Windows 10 and one of the things I noticed was that it specifically prevents background tasks from interfering with games, but it has to detect that a game is running in the first place to even function.

A problem I ran into when I started learning to use Godot not too long ago is that my framerates were stuttering while windowed, but not fullscreen, and many (thought not all) of the examples didn't have this issue.

It occurred to me that maybe because my projects are using so little power due to still being really simple that Windows isn't detecting them as "games" when windowed and just treats them as another background app?

So... I enabled the Game Bar, loaded up my project, ran it windowed, and yup, framerate stuttering as always. The INSTANT I pressed Win+G on the keyboard to bring up the Game Bar, the stuttering disappeared! When the Game Bar vanishes, the stuttering comes back! :O

Again, only happens windowed, likely because when fullscreen is engaged it's tripping Win10 into thinking it's a game because it wants to use the entire screen and games make up 99% of anything that would do that.

I mostly wanted to bring this up to see if anyone else with stuttering issues on Win10 could test using the Game Bar while their projects were running to see what happens.

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