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Hey folks,

I want to switch between two scenes based on their paths. At the moment I have a global that handles the switching, as so:

extends Node

var current_scene_path = null
var scenes = {}

func _ready():
    # Fetch the current scene and add it to the scenes dictionary
    var current_scene = get_tree().get_current_scene()
    current_scene_path = current_scene.get_path()
    scenes[current_scene_path] = current_scene

func change_scene(path):
    call_deferred("_change_scene", path)

func _change_scene(path):
    if current_scene_path == path:
        # Can't switch to the scene we are currently in

    if not path in scenes:
        # If path is not scenes then load the scene from disk and then switch to it
        var s = ResourceLoader.load(path)
        var scene = s.instance()
        scenes[path] = scene
        return _change_scene(path)

    # Remove the current scene from the scene tree

    # Load the already loaded scene from the scenes dictionary
    var scene = scenes[path]
    current_scene_path = path

However the problem lies in the ready function. It tries to fetch the path of the current scene, which ends up being /root/game and not res//whatever which is what change_scene is expecting, thus if change scene is called with the original starting scene it will load a new scene instead of using the existing one.

Please can you suggest how to get the resource path of the current scene or another workaround to my problem, thank you!

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1 Answer

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Here is what document in editor says.

* NodePath get_path() const

Return the absolute path of the current node. This only works if the current node is inside the scene tree (see is_inside_tree()).

* String get_filename() const

Return a filename that may be contained by the node. When a scene is instanced from a file, it topmost node contains the filename from where it was loaded (see set_filename()).

Based on this information, you should use get_filename() instead of get_path() in your case.

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