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Hello, I have noticed that there are two ways to achieve a kinematic body. One is to directly use the KinematicBody and the other is to use the RigidBody with "Kinematic" turned on. I would like to ask if there is a difference (besides inheritance), and which one should I use for my projects.

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KinematicBody have the move api which suits well for character controllers, using a RigidBody in kinematic mode, if you want overlap checks+separation you will have to do it by hand (access. the space state, do motion queries, etc.).

The mode change of rigid bodies is useful only if you want to let a rigid body "rest" for awhile, otherwise are flexible as a rigid body in rigid/character mode (minus the access to the custom integrator and all the signals).

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Does the Kinematic Mode interact with other Rigidbody objects? When I stand on my Player that is only in KinematicBody the Rigid object would just thrown away in circles. I want my player to stand on a cube with a rigidbody attached.

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