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what I mean is that I have created a player, and it goes towards a wall, it gets a few pixels inside the wall, even if the player stops moving, it stays a fex pixels inside the wall.

This affects me because it also happens with the floor, so sometimes when I jump, the player gets a bit inside the floor, so then when I try moving, the player gets stuck.

I am using the default collision of the CollisionShape2D, the maxDepth is set to 0, the gravity works with the default RigidBody2D gravity, the player moves horizontally with setlinearvelocity () and I have no idea how I could fix this

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This took me a while to figure out when I began. You see, a lot of problems will come up if you don't set up your colliders properly, not only getting a little under the floor.

The most important thing you have to know is this:
Every side of a collider that is intended to interact with another collider should have another collider pointing in that direction using a RayShape2D. The function of this shape is not to collide, but to push away.

The bottom side of your player collider is intended to interact with the ground collider, therefore you setup another collider using a RayShape2D pointing downwards. This will prevent any problems, such as getting stuck, getting under the ground, etc.

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