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It sounds a bit silly but I can't find a particle attractor node in Godot 3.0 (I'm on master, commit c5ab18f33).
enter image description here

Is something wrong with my setup or has this node been removed? If it has, is there an alternative recommended way to recover its functionality?


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That's not a silly question, don't worry about it! :)
Unfortunately I am going to have to tell you that yes, the ParticleAttractor node has been removed for now. The reason for this is that the node is incompatible with the new particle system. The 2D Attractor will be added again though later (probably for 3.1) and there will also be a 3D version alongside it.
Have a nice day :D

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I see, thanks for the reply. That's an important regression though... Is there some workaround? I guess maybe one can code it by hand as a particle shader though that feels a bit clumsy. Do you know if other people had the same issue and came up with a solution?

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