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i have a game working on one engine, and ads working separately ( https://github.com/Shin-NiL/godot-admob ). I generated the apk templates by adding module as per instructions. But when i add the ads to the game, ads dont work. I need help asap please.


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I am using .apk file. Yes in the export settings, I do include the templates in 'custom package', provided by https://github.com/Shin-NiL/godot-admob. This was last updated 4 days ago. I did find another one https://github.com/Shin-NiL/godot-admob , however this was 5 months ago. Please advise which one you used. Thank you

This was last updated 4 days ago, but templates are too older.
I have recompiled them, since I use Godot 2.1.4.


I attempted to recompile them. I am using 2.1.4. I am worried that if i shift my whole game to 2.1.4 , if some things will work or not.

Hi Can you direct me as to where i can find the godot v 2.1.4 stable to download, then I will try run my game with that and see if ads can work using 2.1.4. Thanks. Appreciate it.

This is the official source repository:


if you want to recompile a custom version.

Otherwise, from here there is offcial binaries:



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If you add a release keystore the ads start to show. The admob also needs time to verify your traffic. I tried to see real ads on my game but they didn't show up until I added release keystore to the export. I wanted to upload my game to the Play Store and I had to add the release keystore and then I installed the apk in my phone and after few hours the ads started to show. I hope this solution works.

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For godot 3.2.3 you can use precompiled binary modules for Applovin-MAX and for Tapdaq. Both of them allow you use several ad networks at the same time (they are mediation solutions). So you can use AdMob and Facebook audience network.
All binary modules can be installed from NativeLib repository. NativeLib addon you can find in AssetLib.
More info at:

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