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I've been trying to use Godot these past few days without success. I've looked for similiar issues on different platforms, but no one issue is quite similar to mine.

I've been trying to run Godot's executables, from version 1.0 up to nightly without success. From what I've got of similar issues, it could be a graphics card problem. I have, however, updated my card's driver (rolled back to a few previous ones too) and checked to see if it had OpenGl 2.1 compatibility (as it was indicated by a few responses here and on other places). I'm lost and ready to give up on Godot.

Here are a few screenshots related to the problems:

gfx card and OpenGL version

supported features

godot window


Thanks in advance!

(in case the images don't display)

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check for windows updates...

Can you try to run it from the standard command line, not cygwin?

I installed Windows updates, to no avail.
Also, the stdout using standard command line was the same as with me using cygwin.

It had been sometime since I wanted to reformat my PC. I did so and Godot starts with no issues this time.

Thanks for the responses, anyway!

Maybe drivers or something related to the graphics was damaged, you can answer yourself and select it so it appears as answered for those who search.

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As eons mentioned above, it was probably something damaged.

With a fresh OS and updated graphics drivers Godot ran without issues.

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