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I have a MAJOR problem
So, my project has more scenes : game, player, etc
When i want to get acces to something inside the player scene in game's code i wanted to get the player scene
So i did get_node("root/Player")
But it says Node not found root/player
And this happens with normal nodes too (not only with scenes)
Is there any other way that i can get the node "Player" ??

My node structure: (in the game scene)
- -sprites

Nodes in the player scene:
-kinematicBody (its called Player)
- - sprite
- - camera2d
- - collisionshape2d

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Show a screenshot of your (expanded) node structure!

I can't show screenshots but i edited the question so you can see the node struct

Try putting a slash before root:


Otherwise you could try this:

var root = get_tree().get_root()

also getnode("..") gives the root (or parent?), so getnode("../Player") should also get you what you want. If the problem is actually with the getnode() function, you can always iterate through children with the getchildren() function.

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