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I am needing a little help on my game, and i just need to know the most important thing to put in to a fighting game! Should there be a super power? Should it just be a classic fist-to-fist match? What is a reasonable amount of health each character should have? Should it be adventurous, or you just fight all of the time, like in Super Smash Bros Brawl? etc...

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I would think that a traditional fighting game would be easier, but it depends upon what you want to make. Since a game such as Super Smash Brothers has a good deal of content to it, let's stick to the classics.

You have games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken, which have characters with individual personalities, moves, and move inputs. Do you wish to go this route? If so, you'll need to plan out their mechanics. How will the game handle the move inputs? How will it handle the hit detection? How will the game handle cool down for the moves? What about a combo system? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Then there are the characters. How individual will they be? Is there some story behind all of this? What about their personalities? What will their movesets look like (if you're going the 2D sprite route)?

Once you've answered some of these questions, you can then answer other questions, such as how much health is necessary for each character.

Also, you'll need to plan out how this will work in the Godot Engine. So you may use a RigidBody2D for the sprites, and highly customize the hit detection for them in the editor.

I hope I have pointed you in the right direction.

Super smash brothers is one of my favorite games that I have, so I am trying my best to not copyright the game, but make it look like a whole other ga,e at the same time! I do play street fighter some, and some tekken, but my game is going to be pixelated, so I'm not sure if there should be any super powers. So I'm thinking a fighting game kind of like naruto, but with out all of the super powers! I was just asking other members to see what they think, so that I can try it and see if my other team members agree if we should go this route or not! I might do a survey on here, to see what most members like, so I can make a fan based decision! Thanks so much Ertain! I mean it! And a little FYI, you did point me in the right direction!

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If you are not sure what to do, I'll suggest to go to a pure genre with some cloned base mechanics until you get a working system, then if you want to start over with a romantic visual novel with fighting scenes with mechas in space, will be easier to set up.

Define approximately the genre (if will be Smash, Tekken, Street Fighter, Touhou, etc.), create the base mechanics, build some prototype in base of that.

When you have that, the health system may appear as part of the testing process, then add the other features you think are needed (special powers, etc.).

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Thank you eons! My game is probubly more smash like, but it has a little bit of street fighter in it, so I will try that!

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