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please upload a tutorials on card game, i did not find anywhere,

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Please, you need to learn how to make a game.
it's too much vague.
and you can ask some specific issue while you are making it.
it's like "how to make a Windows OS?" to me.

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Look man, The one in the other comment is right.. you need to know how to make a game by yourself... i like doing so by taking a pen and paper and developing the game, afterwords i try to think of ways to implement everything, like in my case i'm making a 2d platformer with abilities and stuff so i wrote every ability and then looked at how to implement them all, or how to make the enemies...

you need to understand that making a game isnt about following a tutorial and "making" a skin for that tutorial with some adjustments, you need to understand the basics of the engine and use them to make whatever you want, and then code and draw and make 3d/2d models and animations for the game while implementing everything by code...

if you want help you need to have more specific problems or else you wont understand much of the game's code(imo at least) and should ask here stuff more relating about how to manipulate the engine's nodes and features to your need, like finding a way to make a hole in the ground and 'subtract' the collision shapes(for my case) and someone told me that i can try and simulate that option using an area2d above and making every sprite in that area appear in the ground, which was super useful...

So, good luck with the game and i hope you will achieve simpler questions.

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First try to understand the mechanics of a real card game, and if you start trying to make a physical card game, implementing those elements with software should be easier.

Then you will be able to ask more precise question about particular mechanics, frameworks and patterns you can use.

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I was working on a card game during holiday. If you want to have a look. maybe It helps ;)

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Thanks for the link, but I downloaded it and Godot just won't launch it.
I just import the project, click on the project, click on edit and then...nothing. Godot tries to launch it, but nothing happens and it returns to the Project List screen.

Could you please solve that? I would be really interested in this.

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