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I am an Mac user and iOS developer.
I'm not satisfied with SpriteKit way so I'm using Godot now.
I really don't want an automatic deployer 'cause I want to use Xcode to launch to Apple Store.

I would like to export in Godot 3.0 like in Godot 2.1, with a xcode project template

Would you have some Xcode project template for Godot 3.0?
The old Xcode project template does not work. It is searching for "engine.cfg" file.

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Me too looking for the template

Any idea

I've tried the following but at the end no success, I got.

enter image description here

The steps is

  • Download export template from Godot 3.0 beta 2
  • Extract zip, inside extract, then you will get 3 files which are data.pck, library fat for debug, and another for release (both are static library).
  • Use Xcode project template as used in 2.1. Replace godot_debug.iphone with our library fat for debug, and godot_opt.iphone with our library fat for release one. Rename it to be exactly the same. Note that I consider this case to be the same step as done in 2.1 because both set of binary files are in fact static library. You can check with command file <binary file>
  • Export your Godot project into .pck file, then replace this result file with data.pck as seen inside Xcode template project.
  • Open Xcode project and Run.
  • You probably get the same result as image above.

Note: At first I thought this was the problem with GDNative as I linked to my project but not. I tried removing all GDNative, and just bare bone Godot with GDScript and shows sprite. Still no luck. It shows the same. So I guess this has problem with those two static binaries to use in Xcode project template.

Edit: I have filed this issue on github.

Ok, I follow up on this problem.

You don't have to grab template from 2.1 to move forward on this (document is not updated yet for latest). See #15203 for more detail.

The xcode project file will be available along with .ipa file when you hit Export project in Godot 3.0. I knew, I don't expect such xcode project file to be generated as well as the option clearly states .ipa. But it will be there as per user: endragor suggested in above link, and with my inspection to Godot code. Xcode project file will be generated.

Anyway, when you try to export project at of the current state in 3.0 Beta 2, you will end up like #15058. So we need to wait until the fix is there.

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