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I want to create something in Godot 2D that looks like the top view but behaves like the side view. It is necessary that it works in godot 2D only. I hope someone has an easy answer to that. I kinda couldn't figure it out.
I also want for example the black cube to be able to jump and land on the red block. Thank you in advance.

enter image description here

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I may not be following, but if you're talking about doing jumping in a top down game there are many ways of doing it. One is to handle collision differently while jumping.

Another idea is to store the foot height of your player and a top height of objects. While jumping you would increase and decrease that foot height over time. If the foot height is greater or equal to an objects top height, turn off collision and clamp the foot height to the object's top height while they traverse it.

but how would falling off a ledge work then? enter image description here
As an example I have Mario and luigi super star saga. on the right side of the picture there is this other plane with a different height. I want it basicially like in that game.

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