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When I decided transfer my project from Godot 2 to Godot 3 I collided with few problems:
1)not displaying print("something") in console
2)i can't turn to global(autorun) variables
3)when I am doing a mistake in scripts, in console and script editor(default, gdscript) doesn't showing it.
4)when I turn on synchronize scenes or scripts it isn't working

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1) printing works for me in beta 1, not sure why it doesn't for you :/ Maybe your code isn't running in the first place? (some functions were renamed, like _fixed_process => _physics_process)

2) Not sure what you mean, autoload works too. It's likely your old project config was not loaded because it is incompatible with 3.0.

3) Again, works in beta 1 if I do a syntax error for example, and runtime errors get displayed too, although you need to focus the editor (the game window doesn't minimizes).

4) Works too for scenes, didn't test scripts though. If you can reproduce this bug on a simple project, feel free to post an issue on Github.

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I created a new project and autorun working, but synchronize, errors and print doesn't working.

autoload options
autoload script
main script
running project
and try change scene

What is printed in the system console?

I went into the settings and in the tab network-> debug-> remote host changed from (was by default) to and I started showing errors.

Aaah yeah I had this too, debugging went broken for me for some time, then I changed debug host to be and it fixed most issues.

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