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How do I manage do pass a GDScript class instance as reference to a custom CPP module?


Given the GDScript class

class InputHandler:
    func getInputs():
         return 1

var game = Game.new()

What would be a valid CPP?

class Game : public Reference {
    GDCLASS(Game, Reference);

    static void _bind_methods();
    void processInput(?? input);

void Game::processInput(?? input){
      int data = input.getInputs();

Is that possible? If it is, i think we should document improve the documents on the custom CPP modules. I might send a PR on the docs if I manage it to work.

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I'm not certain if that's going to work, but considering that any kind of script instance in Godot is actually a generic C++ object inheriting Reference on which is attached the script, your function could be this:

void Game::processInput(Ref<Reference> customScriptInstance) {
    Variant ret = customScriptInstance->call("getInputs");
    // and stuff

I dont know if that's 1:1 the code you should write, I simplified from what I remember but you should have a look at the functions you can call on Object (because Reference inherits Object and the script instance is attached inside there).

Or, a more detailed way here in a module I wrote: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_voxel/blob/master/voxel_provider.cpp#L6
That one is a bit different case (because in my code the script is attached to the C++ class itself and I check its existence) but you can also get the ScriptInstance from the Reference you receive in your Game class.

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Amazing! It does work! Really thanks!

BTW, I'm looking for more information on the Variant CPP stuf, like, what' s the best/proper way to cast it an int variable.

To make it simple, let's just improve the previous example with getInputs returning and array of integers a single integer.

Thanks again!

Hello Zylann/gutomaia
I managed to make it work with a single integer, but not with an array of integers.
If I use pass an array as a reference I get printed 0's instead elements pushed in Godot script (see below)
Do you guys know how to return array of int elements as a reference?

C++ Module:

        Variant ret = customScriptInstance->call("getInputs");
        switch (ret.get_type()) {
             case Variant::Type::ARRAY: {
                 Variant   args_a[2] = {customScriptInstance->call("getInputs")};
                 printf("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: %i \n" , (int)args_a[0]);
                 printf("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: %i \n" , (int)args_a[1]);



class InputHandler
     func getInputs():
     var retLocal = []
     return retLocal

Your C++ code could be like this instead:

Variant ret = customScriptInstance->call("getInputs");
switch (ret.get_type()) {
    case Variant::ARRAY: {
        Array args = ret;
        printf("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: %i \n" , args[0].operator int());
        printf("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: %i \n" , args[1].operator int());
        } break;

Alternatively, your prints could be:

print_line(String("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: {0}").format(varray(args[0]));
print_line(String("gslave_main::processInput: returned value: {1}").format(varray(args[1]));

Then if you want to return that array from C++ to GDScript, simply make your function return an Array, and write return args;.

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