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Hey there. I have an ItemList I'm using as a menu, and I want to control it using my Input Map controls. Thing is, it's a GUI control so it defaults to moving the cursor with the arrow keys and selecting with enter. I want it to be done with the same keys I'm using to control the player character, so how should I go about doing this?

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in the input mapper(or whatever) you ui_* elements are for the control stuff given from godot so you can change them if you wish

That's not working. Even though there isn't a single ui_ element mapped to Enter, that's still the only key that selects the ItemList items.

oh... what version are you using?

and why wouldnt you create an element yourself?

2.1.4, and I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about here. Could you explain what you mean?

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Well, it's working how I want it too now. I deleted the Return, Enter and Spacebar keys from uiaccept (the former two having appeared in the Input Map again after previously deleting them), then Spacebar suddenly started working on the ItemList. I mapped Spacebar to uiaccept and now it's working perfectly. I have absolutely no idea how any of this makes a lick of sense, but it works so whatever.

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