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Dear all,
I am using Godot 2.1.4 and I know how to move character on a moving platform,
but how to move character on a spinning platform in 3D?

For spinning platform I mean a platform that rotates about the up axis, which in Godot is the y-axis.

Therefore, the question may be how can I transfer the angular velocity to the velocity of my character?

PS. both my character and the spinning platform are Kinematic Bodies, and I rotate the spinning platform by a animation player.


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Try taking a look at the following link Godot 3D Vector Physics Cheatsheet from godotdevelopers.org, it has a section on handling a body on a rotating platform. Which although intended for rigidbodies might give you some hints/ideas as to how to calculate the necessary velocities.

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Make it child of the platform when character get over it. But it will easier if you use Rigidbodies.

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