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Couldn't achieve that without Hamachi or something similar, it only works on local network, not even typing the direct IP (That I can't get on Godot), it don't work. Am I missing something or it's not possible?

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Sounds to me as if you need to open ports on your firewall(s) to allow the connection.
I somewhat doubt that Godot has a built-in NAT punchthrough - it is quite an advanced topic and usually requires a server to "mediate" between two parties: https://keithjohnston.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/nat-punch-through-for-multiplayer-games/

You cannot "just" connect two people directly via UDP/TCP if they sit behind a firewall (which almost all people do).

Thanks for your reply, I'm exactly with that problem. So what I need is a NAT punch-through? My game is turn-based with just 2 players on it, and I don't have too much experience with servers, Godot's RPC would be perfect for me, but if I can't achieve this, what could I use instead? Would GET/POST controlled requests work or would this be worse?

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