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On my Android app, when popping up, say a confirmation dialog, I'd like to make the UI go dark behind it as is common with Android UI's. I can probably come up with something (e.g. have a texture that is above all other UI elements and make it visible and maybe 80% opaque, and have the popup appear above that). I've tried setting my rood node control's opacity to say 0.1 and that is mostly there, but some elements don't look great. I'm thinking there are better ways. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Add a Panel below popup window
  2. Make Panel full of screen
  3. Set Opacity of Panel
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Thanks for the response. That's pretty much what I had tried (in my case with a TextureFrame instead of Panel) and it does work ok. The bits that I thought didn't look good was just because of the color of other elements in my UI. I fixed that and I think it looks fine. I guess this is the correct answer though, so I'll choose it as such.

Try Blend mode of Panel too.
You could have better look if change Blend mode Mix to Mul

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