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I'm facing a annoying problem with all Godot 3.0 versions (alpha, beta and rc1). When I press F5 to launch the game, the screen always start on the center-right side of the screen like in the picture ( . How can this be fixed? It's not a critical problem, but is annoying always draging the screen to the center.

Thank you!

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I am also having the same problem with version 3.2.1
is there any fix? is there already someone reported this as bug?

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Go to Editor menu > Editor Settings > Run section > Window Placement > Rect and set to center.

If that does not work then is a bug, you can try a workaround with the Custom Position option but report the issue if there is no other like that or add a comment with your system specs if already exists (specify os, desktop environment if apply and gpu+drivers).

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tried this, didn't fix, added a comment to issue #16570.

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