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This example from your Docs»Step by step»Scripting (continued) doesn't work:

A simple way to test this is to create a scene with a single Label node, with the following script:

extends Label

var accum=0

func _process(delta):
    accum += delta
    text = str(accum) # text is a built-in label property

enter link description here

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What do you mean by "doesn't work"? What happens?
Edit: your screenshot didn't show, I had a look

3 Answers

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Follow the link at the question. This is a screenshot.

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The tutorial you followed is for Godot 3.0. You are using 2.1.4.

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You are seeing 3.0 example, but using 2.x.
that's for 3.0
if you want to do it, set_text(str(accum)) instead of text = str(accum)

I think the Docs is updated to latest because it's about to release 3.0
if you want 2.x documents, see this.

just change stable to 2.1 on URL. -> 2.1/learning/stepbystep/

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