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Hello guys!

im tryng to make a dash function:

func backdash():
    var can_dash = true
    var dash_time = 0
    if Input.is_action_pressed("BackDash"):
        if on_ground == true:
            dash_time += 1
        if direction == 1 and can_dash == true:
            if on_ground == true:
                can_dash = false
                velocity.x += -20
        if direction == 0:
            if on_ground == true:
                velocity.x += 20

the problem is:

the backdash last as long as been pressing the button..

i want to make it so it last only a few seconds, like castlevania games

sorry for my english!


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2 Answers

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I believe what you're looking for is Input.isactionjustpressed() instead of Input.isaction_pressed(). That is, assuming you're using v3.0 RC1.

if Input.is_action_just_pressed("BackDash"):
 # process backdash...
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im using 2.1

but i´m gonna keep it in mind when i use version 3.0!

thanks for your help! :)

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Add a cooldown Timer to enable a variable that allows dashing, and start the timer when blocking the dash, I say a timer and not check dash animation because you may want to prevent instant continuous dash, but using an animation track to toggle a variable is fine too

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i forgot about the timers nodes!
thanks im gonna try this! :)

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