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I saw the post about introducing the "last minute lightmapper" when it was first posted, and I have successfully used it on an imported scene/obj. Very cool! But how can I use it on a default mesh such as a CubeMesh? I don't understand how to add or enable the UV2 channel so the lightmapper can work with the mesh's default material. Any help would be appreciated - I've been searching and otherwise banging my head against this for a couple weeks. More detail: I'm unclear where the second UV channel comes from when they are created on object import, or how I would even make one by hand in an external program like GIMP. The answer is buried somewhere in the thousands of GIMP tutorials I've been perusing.

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I don't think you can use the lightmapper on default meshes – these are generally intended for prototyping, so it wouldn't be very useful anyway. As a workaround, you can create a cube in Blender and export it as Collada (.dae), glTF 2.0 or OBJ.

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