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I've seen videos of live editing in use, (such as this one on YouTube ) but cannot find any documentation on how to get it going. Yes, there's a "live editing" checkbox at the top of the Godot engine (under the wi-fi looking icon), but after that, my iPhone / iPad -- which are on the same wireless network, and can ping the computer -- do not magically connect to the computer as in the YouTube videos I've found.

Is there some app I need to run on the iPad / iPhone? Do I visit a website on Safari? I've tried that, pointing the browser to the computer's IP address, as well as port 80 and 8080, all of which did not work.

Could anyone answer how to get Live Editing STARTED? Is there a tutorial or documentation I've been unable to find?

At the end of such a tutorial or instruction, I'd like to see the game on my computer (ubuntu 14.04) be mirrored on my iPad / iPhone.

Thanks in advance :)

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Im not sure if live editing is supported for IOS, i could be wrong, but Apple is rather strict about these things, so unless they were say jail broken, im not sure you can do it, i think it's a Desktop and android only thing just cause Apple is really picky about it unless you have a mac

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You could be right, however, there is also a "Display IOS" and a "Display Android" in the Project settings, so maybe the devs have it working?

As a point of comparison, about a year ago, I purchased and played with the Construct 2 engine. In the end, I found it to be a resource hog on whatever machine I exported to -- even very simple games taxed the system -- so I abandoned it.

However, they did have one very cool feature. They did their "live editing" through the webbrowser - you would point Safari to your PC and the port you set up, and the whole thing would play out in HTML 5. Brilliant for devs and wicked simple, but their engine just stunk (also not OpenSource, proprietary license etc.).

I do have access to a MAC and OSX and would still be willing to us that system if I knew what steps to take.

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