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I can see that there are constants in the SceneTree class:


But the default value fails in my usage of the call_group of my project. It works with the 'realtime' value.

I would like to know what's the difference between each flag.

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GROUP_CALL_DEFAULT = 0 - Regular group call flag (no flags).
GROUP_CALL_REVERSE = 1 - Call a group in inverse-scene order.
GROUP_CALL_REALTIME = 2 - Call a group immediately (usually calls are delivered on idle).
GROUP_CALL_UNIQUE = 4 - Call a group only once, even if call is performed many times.

I know you asked this question last year, but I found the answer (maybe you have too).
I'll post it for other people wondering ;)

(might be outdated, it is an old page)

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