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I couldn't find anything recent enough at forums nor on the net, so I figured I'd ask: did the announced Ads feature make it to 3.0?

If so, where can I read the docs?

If not, what are our options for the ads on 3.0 at the moment?


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Ads for what?

Like full screen ads/videos, banner ads etc.
Is there a standard feature that allows to integrate Android- and iOS-based ads in games or do we still have to recompile the engine in order to integrate them?

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For Godot 3.2.3 you can use binary precompiled modules for mediation networks: AppLovin-MAX and Tapdaq. Both of them allow you use several ad networks in you project at the same time. For example you can connect AdMob and Facebook audience network with special adapters.
All binary modules and adapters you can install from NativeLib repository. NatveLib plugin can be downloaded from AssetLib.
More info at:

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