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I created them in the designer, adding a few buttons. I get an item list... but how do I connect to "pressed" with each button?

This is Godot V3.0

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I believe the second half of that step by step guide will give you what you need

I know how to connect ordinary buttons but how do I connect buttons in a MenuButton? I can't select them in the editor, they're in a modal dialog.

In case it helps anyone, it's hard to find out how to edit the popup items for a MenuButton. You can't do it in the Inspector; an "Items" button appears in the header of the main viewer when you select the MenuButton in the scene. Click that to edit the items.

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Ok, so after a bit of digging and testing(like 10-20 minutes) i found out that you need to use the get_popup method and connect the id_pressed signal from that popup that you got, aka like this:


and the function is set like this:

func func_name( ID ):
      # Some Beautiful Code Here <3

and ID is the number of the item that was selected...

hope i helped this time was fun exploring it tho

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extends PanelContainer

onready var menuButton = $Panel/MenuButton

func _ready():
    var popup = menuButton.get_popup()
    popup.connect("id_pressed", self, "file_menu")

func file_menu( id ):
    match id:

And a match statement!

registered here to say thank you, spent my whole day looking for this staff

How do you do this in Godot 4?
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