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Hey, everyone! I'm trying to create an isometric game in Godot 3. Where do I begin? The project can't be more than a simple isometric game with cube MeshInstances as players. Any help would be very much appreciated, and have a great day.

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i think there is a tutorial about isometric view and more in GDQuest's channel

And you could look into the isometric demo of the godot-demos.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah, I've just downloaded the example.

godot 3.0 have orthogonal camera bugs. it's imposible with 3.0

Could you please link to the related issues on github?

bug has been fixed nevermind.

but you can make an isometric game using 2D stuff... why would you need the orthogonal camera anyway?

I'm also doing the same thing...Just shifted from libgdx

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