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Good Morning,

I am using Blender and the Better Collada Exporter for my scenes. What I am trying to do is to use the exported scenes (.dae) in Godot 3 using a shared texture folder, but I can't seem to find a way for that. Is there a way already, or am I doing something wrong ?

The two ways I have found to make texturing (i.e. importing textured dae scenes) work are :

  • using the copy files option in the Better Collada Exporter when exporting. It will import textures in images/my.texture, next to my scene. For sharing textures, I guess this way would work only if all my scenes are imported in the same place but I prefer to organize them in sub-folders for clarity when there are dozens of them.
  • use a previously imported texture in my res://system/file/path/to/textures. This works fine, but the texture will be imported every time I am using it, so my res://.import/ folder will be cluttered with the same texture imported as many time as I have materials using the texture + the texture import itself. Which is not really sharing.

Is there a correct way to do shared texture in Godot 3 that I am missing, or is simply not possible right now ? (Also maybe the multiple instances in .import folder is managed at export and doesn't impact the result ?)

Thanks for your help,

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