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Hello, I created a model 3D in blender like that ( there is no texture, only color):

Chest in blender


I exported it with better Collada with these settings :

Better collada settings

And this is the result in godot engine (3.0) :

enter image description here

What I can do to fix that? Thank you in advance

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2 Answers

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Here's my newbie guess:

What does it look like in Blender without rendering? Cuz my imported blender models look like how they are un-rendered (either texture or solid mode. Forgot which).

What does the treasure chest look like from behind? Is there backface culling on?

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try select this flliped normals and turn them or select all faces and recalculate normals outside.
select automatic face smoothing and set about 35°- 38°
if you have single face for chest "walls" turn on faces double-side

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