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When I disable filter in texture menu for a pixel art sprite, the editor preview window shows everything like it supposed to be (sharp edges no matter what scale etc.), but when I launch the scene everything gets blurry. Am I the only one?

Godot 3.0 from Steam
Win7 64x

edit: Now tested in non-steam version, also with demo projects. No changes.

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Even if you have no solution, please let me know if you have the same problem.

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Changing the filter must be done in the Import dock, not the Inspector dock. Godot might even warn you at the top that Changes may be lost!.

Select your texture, go to the Import dock, change the filter there and click Reimport.

If you want this to be the default for all textures you will import next, you can click Preset then make by default for Textures.

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Thank you so much! I wasn't this frustrated for a while.

Thank you. it wasn't very intuitive. It worked perfectly.

Thank you. I feel most of the things in Godot can be solved by knowing where to click!

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