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Hi all,

Here is a video showing the problem.


Here is the code, attached to an Area2D. Godot3.0 on Ubuntu.

func _on_Area2DLeftAim_input_event( viewport, event, shape_idx ):
    touchPOS = event.global_position
    $aimingStick/support/target.position.y = touchPOS.y
    print("Touching: ", str(touchPOS))

Can anyone offer any advice as to what's making it go wrong? Thanks so much...

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I guess it should be global_position

$aimingStick/support/target.global_position.y = touchPOS.y

Alternatively, try these two nodes: VSlider and VScrollBar since they work like what you're trying to make.

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Perfect! Thank you. So obvious once you show it. Much appreciated my friend

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