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I am currently working on a project that involve controls of a robotic arm. The hardware is being interfaced with a NI LabVIEW program. However, I would like to design a UI that is more user-friendly for real-time control using mouse / joystick and also planning trajectory. I have a background in Unity as a hobbyist game dev, but don't qualify to use the free license for work. So I am trying to see if Godot is a good alternative, the 2D and 3D functions look very promising. But there are several more in-depth functions I am not sure if Godot support, can you guys point me in the right direction?

For trajectory planning, I need to implement an Inverse Kinematics algorithm, so it will be very useful if I can do Matrix math. And also to connect the Godot UI to the LabVIEW program, I will need TCP socket communication support.

Do you think Godot is a good fit for a project like this? And are there tutorials out there for matrix and tcp networking? I can't seems to find them on Google.


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I can't tell if Godot would be appropriate for your project but I can provide some links:

Networking: High level multiplayer
We do have Inverse Kinematics: Youtube Video
Math: Matrices and transforms
3D: Working with 3D skeletons - Inverse kinematics
API: StreamPeerTCP

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