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Hi I followed this tutorial and get the error message in the title when trying to run the final project. The same happens when I try to run the SimpleExample from the GodotDemo repositories. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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I just ran into the very same problem. Have you found a solution?

Running into the same issue... Specifically, I compiled the c/SimpleDemo of the GDNative-demos with scons platform=osx for my self-compiled v3.0.2stable of godotengine (which works fine). Could you guys please provide your setup / used versions as well? :)

Also, please provide the information from the Errors tab in the editor's debugger frame - that brought me to the solution and I finally got the SimpleDemo working. For me it was related to the path configured in the gdns and the location of those file (.gdns, .gdnlib, .lib)

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I was facing the same issue,

To solve this issue -

  • go to inspector
  • open your .gdns file, which would be in your bin folder
  • check whether the class name and library option is there or not. If not the fill it and save it

Save your .tscn file and run it.

It worked for me :)

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I want to add that after entering the class name, it is necessary to save not via Ctrl+S, but by clicking on the diskette icon in the inspector.

I renamed all of my gdns files in camel cases. Is GDNative case sensitive?

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