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hi there!

i'm a bit noob Godot so I want to ask for help...

i want to instance a scene as node by code.
My aim is to generate level portions (scenes) procedurally.

but i'm stuck on the first step, here is what i did :

func _ready():
    var scene = preload("res://portions/portion1.scn");
    var node = scene.instance();    

(The scene exist and contain a tilemap)
Unfortunately, when I run the code, nothing appears on-screen.

Maybe i did something wrong?

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Does your portions/portion.scn produce anything on screen when it is run alone?

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code looks ok so far..

please check

  • visibility of portions.scn and portion1.scn
  • position of portion1.scn

In my game I have used it like this:

var mapscene = load("res://scenes/maps/map"+str(map_number)+".scn")
var map = mapscene.instance()

If you like to do something cool..


extends Node2D

export var portion_number = 1 setget set_portion

func set_portion(new_value):
    portion_number = new_value
    if has_node("portions"):
        var portionscene = load("res://portions/portion"+str(portion_number)+".scn")
        if (portionscene != null):
            var portion = portionscene.instance()

With this you can change dynamically your portions directly in editor.

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It worked fo me!

I made a mistake, my main Scene Camera position was not 0,0 so when i load my portions, they are pushed into the scene but was offscreen.

i'll check you code for the procedural creation, it seem's cool!

thx a lot!

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