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Im getting an error saying that there is no exsiting function position in base Sprite
I trying to make my level select with a sprite to show what you are selecting by moving left to right acrross the stages.Using Godot 3.0

extends Node
var index=0
func _ready():
func _input(event):
if event.is_action("ui_left") && event.is_pressed() && !event.is_echo():
    if index!=0:
        var x=get_node("Select").position().x-200
        var y=get_node("Select").position().y
if event.is_action("ui_right") && event.is_pressed() && !event.is_echo():
    if index!=4:
        var x=get_node("Select").position().x+200
        var y=get_node("Select").position().y
if event.is_action("confirm") && event.is_pressed() && !event.is_echo():
    if index==0:
    if index==1:
    if index==2:
    if index==3:
    if index==4:
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3 Answers

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Sprite doesn't have a position function but it does have a position member variable. So just change .position() to .position.

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positionis a member variable of Node2d (or perhaps CanvasItem, can't find it to be honest)

But instead of position you should be checking methods, get_pos()or get_global_pos().
And to change them set_pos(Vector2) or translate(Vector2).
Where as, translate just offsets from its current position.

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This is incorrect. get_pos() and get_global_pos() don't exist in Godot 3.0.

And in 3.0, assigning to Node2D.position or Node2D.global_position is the preferred method.

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try something like:

var pos = get_node("Select").get_position()
pos.x -= 200
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Note, this could be written as:

$Select.position.x -= 200
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