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Is there any way to get the global position of the current camera?
I need this so I can ensure that screen effects work properly, for example the "fade out" effect showing when my character enters a door anywhere on the map
Thanks in advance....

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3 Answers

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In a quick test here:


print(get_node("Node2D/camera).get_global_pos()) #do the trick.

check the help search in godot for more info...

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This is not really the best answer because you assume you know where the camera is relative to the node. It no longer works if you have X cameras scattered in your level.

I want to get the current camera as well when an object explodes in my level, but the explosion script has no clue where the current camera node is.
I could create yet-another-autoload-singleton, but I try to avoid them as much as possible, they are evil (and it wouldn't be possible anyways because the camera is inside the player, which is not iself a singleton).

There is CanvasItem.get_viewport().get_camera(), but it always returns null... why?

Because get_camera() seems to return 3D cameras only.

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I was with the same doubt as you.

The fact is: there is no easy method to o so, like a get_current_camera()

What you could do is what I did, I keep track of the camera:

Add a script to your camera and keep track of what camera is the current by passing the reference of it to a global variable Globals.set("currentCamera", self)

If you want to make this automatic, add the code to the _process loop function and also, checking if the camera is current first...
It should look something like that:

if is_current():
Globals.set("currentCamera", self)

so, you could get the pos or all the methods and info from it later by doing: Globals.get("currentCamera").get_pos()

I didn't use this in the process function, I prefered to do the checking and swaping myself, but other than that, it worked flawlessly for me with everything I needed.

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If you're working in 3D, there is a getcamera() function on the viewport, so you should be able to do getviewport().get_camera(). I don't see something like this for 2D, though, but just in case somebody is searching for this like I was, here's the answer to that.

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