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I have problem that I can't open resources in release mode.

here's simple code

if file.file_exists("res://engine.cfg"):
    print("res://engine.cfg exists")
    print("res://engine.cfg not exists")

in debug mode, console prints "exists"
but exported app, console prints "not exists"

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2 Answers

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The file engine.cfg, for release export, is changed to a binary format and renamed to engine.cfb.

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Oh. I see. now it works thank you

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Exported to Android by any chance? I think android prevents you from being able to assess res://. But I guess when you export a project the project folder goes away and everything is in the executable or .pck file. So the better method for saving files (reading/writing) is to use user://, which will always be there and is saved in the appdata folder. More info here.

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It's for windows, but thank you for the answer that I did't know that

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