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I'm optimizing a level, and I was wondering if there is some built-in way to preload a scene that is flagged as an InstancePlaceholder in the editor.

At the moment I have to manually write a bunch of preload statements into a script, and this is a bit far from ideal.

I'm working in 2.1.4.

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Seems at least can make an export (PackedScene) var and individually set them too, still wondering if there is a better way.

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Not sure if there is a proper way but you could probably loop through the tree and find all the ones that are placeholders and preload that way. Saves some typing.

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If you mean in during runtime it wouldn't work. Preloading requires a constant as the path. It has to know the path before the script executes in the tree.

I'm hoping for some built in option that I may be missing that will put this path information into the scene file for me.

Forgot about that, I was thinking of load.

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