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Dear all,
I would like to play a simple animation before the game stars that shows 3-2-1-Go on top of the game view.
I have prepared a sequence of PNGs with transparent background with a third party editor, and then I made a webm video with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i start_0%03d.png -b:v 800k start.webm

That is the result:
It plays correctly in VLC with a black background, or in Chrome with any backgound-color CSS value.

The problem with Godot is that the VideoPlayer node can't reproduce it. I only get a black rectangle. Are WebM files with alpha supported by the engine?

Anyway, how do you usually solve this problem? I could also use an AnimatedSprite node with the original PNG sequence, even if it seems to me that a VideoPlayer node is more appropriate. What is the best practice for thees kind of animations or effects?

Thanks in advance.

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did you hear back anything from the devs ?
i really would like this feature too.
i have played around with colormasked videos, but it is cumbersome and also not nearly as flexible as a true alpha.

I would also be very interested in the possibility of viewing videos with transparency in Godot!

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I would really love this feature. 3.0 uses WebM which can support alpha.

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I only get a black screen with WebM v.9 produced by ffmepg in Blender. When I used an outside converter to WebM v.8, Godot played the file perfectly.

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