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I have recompiled the engine with scons 3.0 to be able to use Kestrel Moon's Creature, which has been successful. However, the size of the executable is now more than 3x the size. Also, the engine seems a bit slower than the official 3.0 release. Any idea?

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Did you pass target=release? If not it's probably larger and slower due to the debug symbols and lower optimization level.

Oh, thanks for giving that hint! I'll give that a try now.

Scons throws the error Tools can only be built with targets "debug" and "release_debug". Since it doesn't say the argument is invalid, which it does for invalidArgument for example, it does exist. How do I make it available?

Passing tools=no as a parameter works, but obviously disables tools and the docs say it runs without editor, then. How is the official Godot release so small then?

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Turns out the official one is built with release_debug, I must have overlooked that previously.

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