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Hey Godot people!

I'm a student interested in working on a little project for Godot during the Google Summer of Code (more info here: ). The project would consist of implementing Itertools Phyton library, which has different utilities to work very efficiently with iterators, for Godot. Itertools official documentation can be found here:

Now the question is, do you think it would be useful to have these methods in GDScript? Of course, this project has no sense if they aren't useful.


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2 Answers

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Thanks for taking interest in working on Godot, I think you should post issue on official repository on github. There devs will see it instantly and can properly answer your question and discus details of integrating itertools

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I just did, thanks!

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I would love to have itertools in GDScript. While I love the language, I do find myself missing Python features for dealing with iterators. It would be great to have generators, too!

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That's great! Any other Python features that you'd like to have on GDScript? Besides slicing, which I'll be taking in consideration for my project, too.

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